Quick start guide

Here are the main steps explaining how to use COBWEB:

  • Register / log in
  • Name your new manuscript
  • Choose the template relevant to your study design and type of intervention
  • Specific templates are available for studies in cancer patients.
  • Write your manuscript guided by the CONSORT checklist items.
  • Each item is explained by a summary bullet points derived from the CONSORT main statements and the relevant extensions.
  • An example of good reporting is available next to each item
  • The summary and the examples of good reporting are personalized for each template by including the additional guidelines specific to the study design or type of intervention.
  • Save changes as you progress through the paper.
  • You can invite a co-author to view your manuscript at any stage and leave comments
  • The invited co-author cannot change the text but can only leave comments.
  • Edit your latest version when needed (only your latest saved manuscript can be accessed).
  • You can at any time proceed your writing anytime later, save your latest version and continue writing later.
  • Your manuscript/s will remain saved and accessible through your online account for up to five years.
  • Export the saved manuscript in WORD anytime you want with or without the CONSORT items spelled out in the word document.